Why we present a tribute to Asep Sunandar Sunarya ?

Sunarya is a master in puppets show. He was born in Kampung Jelekong, Baleendah, Bandung West Java, 3 September 1955 and die in 31 March 2014 – of a heart attack. Sunarya is a Sundanese rod puppet master. He was one of the most famous puppeteers in the new gentre. In his hands the puppets looks like real ‘’live’’.
He was very popular and has many funs. 1981 Founder board of Yayasan Pedalangan Giri Harja 3 in his Kampung Jelekong. In this Yayasan many young masters learn of Sunarya skill of playing puppets. With his favorite puppet ‘Si Cepot’ he had show in international level in Europe, Asia, etc.

by Sulhan

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